Just Keep Moving

In the month of August, Prime minister Narendra Modi had launched the “fit India Movement”. As the name suggests, his government came up with ideas to help Indian’s become more fit and healthy. However, in today’s time our lifestyle is getting worse and even children have reduced their physical exercise. The curriculums of most schools are designed only to prepare kids to pass exams. So, to solve this problem the government decided to encourage schools. Just yesterday, on 23rd November, 2019 he launched a fit India school grading system. The school with the highest level of fitness will be declared as the fit India school. The second, and third best schools will also be recognised.

This grading system is not only for the students of the school but also for the teachers and other staff members. It would also look at the fitness equipment and facilities available. Schools which achieve the above mentioned awards can use the logo and flag to promote itself. Any school can participate by visiting the fit India movement portal.

We hope schools agree with the prime minister and help in making health and fitness a top priority. What do you think? Can your school win? Tell us in the comments below..

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