Bullet (Train) Fired

Since the epic battle for the governence of India’s richest state occurred, (see article: for more) BJP has lost a considerable amount of their footing in what used to be one of their strongholds.. However, not only does this affect the power of BJP politically, but it also deters one of Modi’s famous plans: the bullet train.

Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister had recently tied up with Japan to produce bullet trains for Mumbai, Maharashtra. This plan has been greatly opposed by farmers
Japan has invested a long term, low cost loan for this project. When the work started, BJP was in power in both Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, Shiv Sena is also opposing this project as a major amount of money from Maharashtra is being poured into this project while half the tracks are in Gujarat.

The train was set to run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, a main city in Gujarat, at a distance of 508km. However, the government previously found it much harder to acquire land as many fruit farmers were unwilling to give theirs up. With even the slightest obstacle having the ability to cause withdrawal of funding, the Modi govt. has really stuck their necks out this time. Further more, many experts and economists agree that India should actually give up the bullet train project and rather invest in the current railway transport.

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