Money Money Money!

Just this Friday, government data was released which showed us that India’s economic growth rate had slowed down to 4.5% in the months of July-September. This is the slowest rate since 2013. Ironically current Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power because if his promises to provide jobs and boost India’s economy in the 2014 elections. This has put pressure on his government to speed up economic reforms.

Finance minister, Nirmala sitharaman said that India will introduce multiple infrastructure projects to help the situation. She also said that this is a part of a long term plan to invest 100 trillion indian rupees for the economy in the next five years. She added that before December 15, 2019 they will announce the frontloading of atleast atleast 10 projects. However, several economists believe that the current slowdown will continue for another 2 years.

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