The Citizen Amendment Bill

Recently, the government has released the Citizenship Amendment Bill or the CAB. This states that any illegal migrant who are from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and are Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Christian, Buddhist or Jain can get easily become an Indian citizen. This applies only for those that have already illegally been residing in India before Dec 31st, 2014. This means that whether or not they have proper visa and documents or passports, they will be allowed to stay in India as full citizens.

In Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh these religions are minorities and are often treated badly.
India passed this bill to help the immigrants from religious persecution from the three countries. Religious persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or a group of individuals based on their religious beliefs. Before, the six above religions had to stay for 11 years in India before they could apply for citizenship. Now, they only have to stay for five years.

This act has cause a chain or protests in various parts of India. In the northeast, protests are happening because this act could cause could cause a rush of immigrants into that area. From areas such as Delhi, Kolkata, protests are occuring to because of the exclusion of Muslims from this act. They claim that this is against the ethics of our constitution. This step has also been taken after what happened with the citizenship list (read article- Citizenship List for more)

Is this an act of goodwill or is it unfair to Muslims? Tell us your opinions in the comments below…

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