Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump, the president of the United States has been “impeached”. There were two articles against him, both related to the Ukraine scandal.(To understand the Ukraine scandal click on- Ukraine Scandal). The first is regarding Trump’s abuse of power by putting pressure on the president of Ukraine to investigate his opponent in the 2020 elections, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The second article says that Trump refused to co-operate with the investigation and cause an obstruction in it. Trump and the Rebulicans (US has two parties in the elections, Democrats and Republicans) deny these accusations. Yesterday, the House of representatives voted that Trump should be impeached. It is to be noted however, the house had 435 seats out of which 233 were democrats and 197 were Republicans.

Now that Trump has been impeached we must understand what this means. Trump isn’t out of office. He is still the president of the United States. This case will now move on to the Senate. He will be removed if atleast two- thirds of the senators are against him. In this house however, there are more Rebulicans and Trump will mostly get out scot free.

Despite this news the protocol was carried out by the Democrats as their constitutional duty. This will effect Trump in the upcoming 2020 US elections. Voters will consider the fact that he was charged guilty by the house.

Would you vote for Trump if you were eligible voter in America? Tell us your views in the comments below…

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