CAA Protests

Due to the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) many protests have occurred throughout the country, most of them violent. Around 140 and 12,000 people have been booked for violent means of protests.

Why do so many people have a problem with it?

1.They believe that this is an act of human rights violation and discrimination against religious beliefs. However, this is not true at all. The CAA is mainly meant to give protection to the six religions that are being persecuted (removed forcefully) from what are Islamic States. This all started back during the partition when many people were persecuted from the parts of Punjab that are now in Modern Pakistan. This left many people without a home, and proper documents to prove that they belonged to this country. After this act, many illegal migrants who have been living here since the partition till Dec 31st, 2014 are now full citizens.

2. The NRC or the National Register of Citizens was originally implemented only in Assam in 2013-14. It basically establishes whether or not you are a citizen of India. Now with the releasing of CAA, many illegal migrants that are Muslims will not be considered citizens and may face the risk of being detained back to their country. This is an extremely sensitive issue with many contradiction and the Modi government has faced a lot of criticism from the public, along with several influencers and celebrities.

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