Dealing with India’s water crisis

PM Narendra Modi has launched the Atal jal Yojana to improve water conservation and provide piped water to households who still don’t have access to it. The Rs. 6,000 crore mission plans to improve ground water levels in 78 districts and in 8350 villages across the 7 States of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Harayana.

PM has also urged farmers to focus on less water intensive crops and to use better irrigation methods to save water. There will be a special committee for this at the panchayat level. Action plans will be drawn up and there will be a water fund for ground water conservation. The jal mission also aims to provide piped water to 18 crore rural homes in the next five years. So far, 3 crore rural households have access to piped water. The government aims to do this with the help of artificial intelligence, space technology (for the monitoring of the situation) and other cutting edge technology.

This is an important mission to tacke India’s water crisis. Without sufficient effort, India is likely to be one of the most water distressed countries in n the near future

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