China’s mysterious new disease, has just been confirmed to pass from person to person by doctors. The virus, nicknamed ‘2019-nCoV’ a SARS-like virus also known as the Wuhan virus. Incidentally, this virus was actually first discovered at a local seafood and meat market in Central China, hence the name.

This was originally thought to be passed from animal to human, but being confirmed as human to human it makes the epidemic so much worse. The virus which shows pneumonia type symptoms such as breathing, wheezing and fever. WHO (World Health Organization) will now cover an emergency meeting to decide whether to officially call it an international health emergency.

The bigger problem however, that every year millions of people travel back to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This means that there are potentially millions of people who can carry the virus back to other countries. Already Asian countries, USA and Australia have started screening all migrants for the virus before allowing them to leave customs.

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